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10 Most Unusual and Futuristic Tree Houses

When it comes to building a dream home, there is nothing like a treetop dwelling. Tree-houses have come a long way from the simple wooden box your parents hanged for you in the garden. A number of designers and architects, deriving inspiration from nature, have come up with some of the most unique tree-house designs that are not just beautiful to look at but comfortable to live in. Equipped with the luxuries of modern residential apartments, these tree-houses are truly a place to reckon with.

Here are some of the most unusual and futuristic tree houses designs around the globe.


Baumraum tree houses blends classic notions of a simple wood structure in a tree with modernist angles, clean lines and other design elements.

Free Spirit Spheres

Fanciful Free Spirit Spheres can be hung from anything from trees to buildings and rock faces. Webbing and ropes literally and metaphorically anchor these spheres to their locations. Each sphere is waterproof and impact-resistant.

4 Treehouse

The 4Treehouse by Lukasz Kos floats like a “Japanese lantern on stilts” and is situated to accommodate four existing trees on the site. The three-story house itself rents suspended from these four primary site trees.

TreeHouse Workshop

The TreeHouse Workshop is a Seattle-based company that takes the art of constructing tree houses extremely seriously. They build an average of one tree house per month and hire extremely able builders and carpenters to construct their projects.

Sustainability Tree House

The Sustainability Tree House defies many of the conventions one associates with a typical tree house. It is designed for residential, meditation and meeting functions.

Brazza Tree houses

Of course, not all tree houses are examples of design and sustainability. In the jungles of the Brazza River Basin in the Indonesia, local tribes have slowly built their way up into the trees to escape pests and one another. Their residences now reach dizzying heights of over 100 feet.

Vietnamese Tree house

This amazing Vietnamese tree house structure is a “tree house” in an entirely unconventional sense of the phrase and draws tourists and guests from around the world.

Suspended Tree Houses

Its one thing to chain oneself to a tree in order to save it, but quite another to live in one! In order to save 400+ year old trees, a group of activists has been doing just that on impromptu suspended platforms that currently constitute the tallest “tree house” in the world.

Organic Tree Houses

This tree house is made of Vines, roots and trees which become organic architectural materials to create a flexible framework for these curious creations. Windows would be made of flexible soy membranes that would shift as the building grew.

Sybarite Tree House

The Sybarite tree house project blends modular design with low-impact living. Layouts are allowed to conform to the natural landscapes around them to take maximum advantage of views and natural light.

Author By Ahsan Mukhtar

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