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    • Satu Korban Longsor di Aceh Diduga Tertimbun Batu Besar April 24, 2017
      Tim SAR di Aceh Tengah masih terus melakukan evakuasi terhadap korban longsor di jalan pintas nasional Aceh Tengah-Gayo Luwes. Korban diduga kuat tertimbun di dalam bongkahan batu di tepi danau. Proses evakuasi berjalan lambat karena lokasi korban sulit dijangkau.
    • PT KAI Sulap Dua Gerbong Kereta Jadi Klinik Berjalan April 24, 2017
      Guna membantu pelayanan kesehatan terhadap masyarakat di Cianjur, Jawa Barat yang kurang mampu, PT KAI menyulap dua rangkaian gerbong kereta api menjadi klinik berjalan untuk melayani berbagai keluhan penyakit.
    • Gagal Finis di Austin, Vinales Keluhkan Masalah Ban April 24, 2017
      Vinales mengaku insiden yang dialaminya terasa aneh. Namun, ia tak ingin mengingat insiden tersebut dan akan bangkit saat melakoni balapan selanjutnya di MotoGP Spanyol.
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10 Futuristic Concept Laptop Designs

Technology grows too fast and to keep ourselves synchronized with the modern trends, we must take into account every progress whether that may be of past or of the future.

Compiled below is a list of the most futuristic concept laptop designs, some of which have won achievement awards while the rest are just too cool to know about.

Take a look and let us know which one of these do you think will most likely embrace reality in coming times.

1. Canova Dual Screen Laptop

Canova Dual Screen Laptop possesses two screens, a multi sensitive touch screen and is very easy to use. Not only can it be used to handle your daily computing tasks but it also lets you read articles on your laptop in the old-school newspaper fashion.

2. Vaio Zoom

Vaio Zoom notebook features a holographic glass screen that goes transparent and a keyboard that turns opaque when turned off. Turn it on and the touchscreen holographic festivities begin.

3. DesCom

DesCom is basically a two-in-one concept laptop which seamlessly integrates inside a desk.

4. MacTab

MacTab is the complement to MyBook in the high-end. The incredibly thin wireless keyboard is used as a protection cover for transportation. It stays in place with a combination of magnets and notches.

5. LG Ecological Laptop Concept

LG Ecological laptop concept uses fuel cell batteries and features organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display technology, it received a Red Dot Award nomination for best concept design.

6. Compenion Laptop Concept

Compenion concept laptop by Felix Schmidberger consists of two sliding OLED screens, one of which can be used as a keyboard, where necessary.

7. Samsung Amoled Concept

AMOLED concept notebook by Samsung features a unique design which is thin and sleek and a touch-sensitive keyboard which lacks tactile feedback.

8. Traveller Concept Laptop

Traveller concept laptop is a GPS enabled navigation system for pedestrians with internal storage to save photos or data and built-in Geotagging functionality so you always know where you took your photos.

9. Canvas Laptop Concept

Canvas is a futuristic concept laptop that is supposed to provide a better quality for the designer and also its said that it will raise the productive rate of the artist. It will feature a very thin touchscreen and the other components will look just about the same but they will be better adjusted.

10. Macbook 0801

Macbook 0801 concept laptop by Isamu Sanada is more like a black version of the now Macbook Air. It also features an ultra-thin keyboard and a very sleek design.

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